Whether you have noticed drips during stormy weather, discolorations on your ceiling or walls, missing shingles or other problems, the experts at Intex Restoration are able to inspect your roof and determine what repairs are needed.

We have been assisting homeowners since 2009 with all their roofing needs. We are Certified Contractor and offer a complete range of roof repair services.

EmergencyRoof Repair

If your roof is damaged in a storm, by falling trees or another event, Intex Restoration can mobilize a team quickly to come out and fix the problem. Our teams have the expertise and equipment necessary to make all types of roof repairs, from patching holes to installing new roof shingles.


Wind Damage
High winds during storms and tornadoes can wreak havoc on your roof causing damage to or loosening shingles or worse. Intex Restoration can quickly respond so that we can inspect the damage and make the necessary repairs for you before the damage becomes an even bigger issue.