Fire damage can cause major destruction in your home or business.Our experts at Intex are experienced in water damage and mold prevention which are the two main factors that are caused by the firefighting efforts.


Having a house fire can be a very stressful time. It is important that you remain calm. In the case of a fire emergency call 911 immediately. You and your family should evacuate the house and not return inside until the fire marshal has said its safe. There can be many hazards waiting inside a home that has suffered fire damage. Do not panic! Call the professionals at Intex Restoration at 1-773-887-3097. You can count on us to restore your home. From the mitigation to the reconstruction, our team of trained professionals handle all phases of a fire restoration project.

WhyChoose Us

You can count on us throughout all phases of the fire damage restoration process. From mitigation to reconstruction we are a full-service restoration company. Having to deal with only one contractor during a fire loss can take away a lot of the stress