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Intex Restoration has been providing Trauma Cleaning & Biohazard Removal services for almost a decade. We service Chicagoland as well as other major cities throughout Illinois. Call us at (773) 887-3097.
We specialize in suicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup (undiscovered death), homicide cleanup, hoarding cleanup, gross filth and more. We offer all our services to families and businesses or anyone in need of crime scene cleanup in the Chicagoland area and other cities in Illinois.
Who provides Suicide Cleanup and/or Trauma Cleanup?
Suicide cleanup services should only be performed by companies that are trained in and specialize in these types of traumatic cleanup services. We offer our decontamination services for high risk situations such as suicide cleanup, attempted suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, body fluids cleanup, bio hazardous waste disposal, after death cleanup, undiscovered death cleanup, unattended death cleanup, homicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, tear gas cleanup, hoarding cleanup, gross filth cleanup, animal hoarding cleanup, sewage backup, REO trash outs and more. For over a decade we have had excellent working relationships with hundreds of insurance agents in Chicago and throughout Illinois.
We services residents, apartment complexes, amusement parks, office buildings, businesses, automobiles, public transportation vehicles and much more…
Decomposition Clean Up (Unattended Death) Chicago
Intex Restoration offers 24-hour decomposition clean up services throughout the Chicagoland area. We have helped hundreds of families with unattended death cleanup and we are here if you need us. We are equipped to take care of all aspects of this type of situation including the odor associated with such an unfortunate circumstance.
If you’d like to have us come out, or have any questions regarding Trauma Cleaning & Biohazard Removal or just don’t know who to call – call us at (773) 887-3097.